Streets are
for people.

And it's time to give them back.



We believe that streets are urban spaces and they belongs to people. We also believe that the mobility must be changed from private car ownership to active and shared mobility which is offered as a service.

Remoted is a robot vehicle operator. We operate electric and self-driving shuttles and buses to deliver sustainable urban mobility service and superior consumer experience to markets. Our service combined with the public transport system improves its accessibility and service level.


REMOTED In-House expertise

We help cities, resorts and campuses to design their mobility strategies and fulfill future mobility requirements.

Remote Operation Center

We offer remote control and operations capabilities for self-driving vehicles from our own remote operation center.

Robobus Service

We are operating self-driving, electric and shared vehicles (shuttles/busses) as a service.


Our Team


Tatu Nieminen,

Tatu Nieminen is the company CEO. He has 17 years experience in software sales in the software and self-driving industries. Previously, he has been CEO in various start-ups.

+358 41 3105169


Mika Rytkönen,
Chief Business Officer

Mika Rytkönen is focusing on Business Development. He has more than 30 years experience on international business development and sales in EMEA region. He hold three degrees MSc (information processing science), MBA (international finance) and MSc (Cities).

+358 40 5422260


Mikko Hurskainen,
technology specialist

Mikko Hurskainen is our Technology Lead. Mikko is MSc on SW engineering and he is a hands-on R&D leader with deep experience delivering projects in various industries.

+358 40 8332233



Heikki Karintaus,
Director of public sector

Heikki Karintaus is responsible of our EU funded projects and he supports in various public sector projects. He holds MSc (Eng) majoring in computer science and industrial engineering and management. He has more than two decades’ experience on working with ITS technologies.

+358 40 0631753


Arttu Kotilainen,
senior project manager

Arttu is our Project Manager. He has an extensive experience on delivering results via successful project execution.

+358 41 7915467